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Lennon Security Corporation provides security management services to the commercial and government marketplace. We determine security program needs; evaluate, recommend and implement security measures; and manage the on-going program to maintain its effectiveness.

Lennon Security provides the overall security consulting services. We are the project security coordinator who manages the following tasks:

  • Provide Specifications – provide cut sheets, web pages, installation guides and pricing information regarding the following:
    • Security fencing
    • Vehicle and pedestrian gates
    • Closed-circuit surveillance cameras
    • Intrusion and access control systems
  • Develop a Pre-Construction Work Plan – implement a security plan that calls for a security presence on-site during the interim construction phase of a project to monitor authorized entry and provide security patrols (if appropriate).
  • Coordinate the Design and Installation – coordinate the entire security design and installation phases and see it through to its completion.
  • Submit Progress Reports and Attend Meetings – monitor the scheduling of meetings and submit progress reports. The progress meetings will keep the project on task by discussing the status of the work at the time, acknowledge whether the project is within the established budget, report any problems that have been encountered, and discuss any changes in the scope of work.
  • Liaison with Local Police Departments – establish a strong relationship with the local police. Gather up-to-date crime statistics and crime prevention programs.
  • Manage the Post-Construction Security Plan & Final Systems Test – coordinate the training of all security systems with designated personnel, and monitor and maintain control of access control and camera systems. Prior to the final inspection of the security system, inspect the entire security system to ensure it is working according to the security specifications design.
  • Conduct Security Awareness Training – coordinate and participate in the pre-construction security awareness training. During the post-construction phase, establish a security awareness program for the client. The purpose of the program is to consistently regulate and enforce security awareness. In our experience clients who have attended security awareness training tend to be more responsible and take a more active and positive role in their security.

Lennon Security has provided numerous security management services which ranged from one month to two years. We provided and managed security coordinators at 145 airport assessment centers located nationwide and abroad for a commercial firm/government agency, have provided security management services from inception of the project (pre-construction phase) to the opening of the buildings for a large media firm, and have provided security management services to HUD Sub-Section 8 properties owned by commercial developers.

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