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Security Design and Project Management

Lennon Security Corporation has the capability of providing security design and project management services during either the pre-construction or post-construction phase of a project. During either phase, we have the capability of designing complete integrated security systems from small access control systems to complete LAN and WAN-based systems incorporating access control, video badging, closed-circuit television and alarm monitoring on one platform.

During the pre-construction phase, we work closely with architects and engineers to ensure that cost-effective measures are considered during the design stage. Items of consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrances (layout and number of entrances)
  • Windows (bullet resistant glass, if applicable)
  • Utilities entering the facilities
  • Location of alarms and cameras
  • Location of executive offices
  • Location of the mail room

During the post-construction phase, we conduct evaluations of existing electronic security systems; review drawings, specifications and documents; and recommend the type of security system that best serves the client's needs. We assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for technical vendor's security and participate in the review of proposals and vendor selection. Because Lennon Security does not manufacture, nor is it affiliated with any company that manufactures technical security products, our recommendations can be relied upon for their objectivity.

Lennon Security has the unique capability and experience to act as your “corporate security consultant” when budget constraints prohibit you from hiring an employee to perform those necessary functions. Lennon Security works closely with its corporate partners to set up a physical, personnel and information security infrastructure and assists in daily needs either directly or with the assistance of existing corporate staff members.

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