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Security Awareness Briefings (Training)

Lennon Security Corporation designs and conducts customized security awareness briefings for our client's employees. Training is focused on elevating the security consciousness of employees while at work or home or while traveling on company business. The benefits include a more focused security mindset, a probable reduction and awareness in deterring internal theft and a higher morale among employees due to their direct contribution to the success of the overall security program.

Security Awareness for Senior Executives

The purpose of our executive security awareness presentation is to educate the executives on how to become a less appealing target. Increasing the executives' alertness to everyday abnormalities can actually reduce their vulnerability to assault. Becoming less vulnerable and less accessible is not difficult. It does require some basic knowledge and conscious diligence. By giving executives this basic knowledge and demonstrating its importance in daily life, the executives will understand how they can affect being selected as a target in the first place. By making their movements or schedules slightly less predictable, most potential adversaries will simply select another target, one that is an easier more tractable target. These safeguards are effective whether the executives have been specifically targeted or are being evaluated by a common street criminal.

Security Awareness for Employees

Many employees mistakenly believe that crime victimization is a result of bad luck or unfortunate timing and therefore beyond their control. Actually, most victims of crime become victims because of their demeanor. Criminals will watch a number of potential targets before they decide on one whom they are relatively sure will be easy and worth the risk. It is this mindset that can be used to the advantage of those who wish to avoid becoming targets.

Lennon Security's presentation will address how victims are selected, how certain crimes are typically committed, and how people can protect themselves by either preventing the incident in the first place or having a well thought out response plan. Emphasis in this program is on proactive planning and not reactive defensive maneuvers.

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