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Emergency Preparedness/Contingency Planning

A security plan is absolutely essential in today's business environment to protect employees, company assets, company reputation and shareholder value. Businesses must be ready to respond to any type of incident or crisis (storms, fires, explosions, chemical spills, earthquakes, sabotage, civil disturbances and the possibility of a nuclear accident) by ensuring that they have an emergency plan and a contingency plan in place and that the plans are updated and functional in every aspect.

Ability to cope with emergencies is directly proportionate to how well the client is prepared. An emergency plan identifies key personnel who are trained to provide assistance during emergencies. A plan may include, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Emergency notification
  • Emergency response
  • Evacuation plan
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Specific threats
  • Training plan
  • Communication plan

To assist the client in avoiding or minimizing loss of life or property, and to assist in assuring continuity of operations after a disaster occurs, whether it be natural or man-made, Lennon Security Corporation will review or develop a contingency plan with related preparedness guides and disaster response procedures. A contingency plan is developed to establish redundancy in physical operations, addressing issues such as space requirements, communications and network equipment requirements. To create a functioning contingency plan, the following should occur:

  • Establish an emergency coordinator
  • Establish an emergency advisory team
  • Train for emergency management
  • Staff the company's emergency team
  • Plan for emergency operations
  • Coordinate and develop the basic plan
  • Establish an emergency control center
  • Establish emergency shutdown procedures
  • Keep employees informed of the plan
  • Inform new employees
  • Keep the plan and rosters current
  • Make literature available to employees

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