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Residential and Family Safety & Security

Lennon Security has developed a comprehensive Residential and Family Safety & Security program in order to better protect our client's residence and family from unexpected peril. The success of our safety and security program for high profile corporate executives sparked the idea to design a similar program for our client's residence and family.

The Residential and Family Safety & Security program consists of:

  • Identifying current deficiencies or vulnerabilities
  • Determining the protection needed
  • Recommending realistic security improvements, if needed

The program encompasses one or all of the following services:

  • Home security assessment

    • Meet with the owners
      • Understand their perception of security
      • Obtain details of prior security incidents
      • Obtain owner's perception of any potential threats
    • Conduct a security assessment of the residence including exterior property
    • Provide a detailed written report of the findings and recommendations

  • Video identification program

    • Provide quality, audio/video documentation of client's physical assets/valuables such as:
      • Electronics
      • Expensive artwork
      • Collection pieces
      • Expensive jewelry
    • Provide one CD of the recording prior to leaving client's residence (Lennon Security will not keep a copy so we highly recommend client secure the CD in a safe location.)

  • Residential and family safety and security planning

    • Provide a residential and family safety and security awareness plan that includes:
      • Safety and security of the residence
        • - Crime prevention
      • Safety and security of family members
        • - Bank ATM machines
        • - Shopping centers
        • - Travel planning
      • Other areas, as appropriate

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