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Threat/Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

Lennon Security Corporation will determine where vulnerabilities and risks exist and propose solutions to mitigate those risks. The first steps are to conduct a walk through of the facility or project and to interview the responsible representatives in order to analyze potential threats presented to the client. Lennon Security focuses on, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Determination and Evaluation of Existing Physical Security – Lennon Security will use the criteria below to help evaluate current security.
    • Policy and procedures review
    • Perimeter and building security
    • Control of entry and movement
    • Electronic access control system - card readers
    • Intrusion detection system - alarms
    • Employee identification and safety
    • Contractor, vendor and visitor identification
    • Utilization of closed-circuit television - video, cameras
    • Key control, locking devices and containers
    • Mail and package procedures
    • Security guard and contract security services
    • Protective lighting
    • Utilities
    • Communications/public address system
    • Vehicle parking facilities - blue light strobe or panic alert device
  • Identification of Vulnerabilities – After we evaluate the client's existing security, we will then identify vulnerabilities that exist in each bulleted-area mentioned above. For each vulnerability that is identified, a recommendation to enhance or upgrade will be provided.
  • Recommendations of Enhancements or Upgrades - Each recommendation will be prioritized and labeled as “high”, “medium” or “low” according to its level of threat or risk. Some recommendations are inherently interconnected with others but unless each is addressed, some aspect may be lost in the process.

When any of these steps are left out, the result can either be inadequate protection or unnecessary and overly expensive protection. Frequently, the missing element is the incorporation of specific, up-to-date threat/risk and vulnerability assessments in the development of security policies. With no documented threat information, countermeasures are often based on worse case scenarios. Worse case scenarios are often unrealistic and extremely expensive to counter. Risk management suggests a more realistic, intelligent and cost-effective approach when deciding appropriate security countermeasures.

It is Lennon Security's practice to meet with our clients immediately after completing the assessment but before submitting an in-depth written report in order to discuss our findings and recommendations. The report could be presented in an easy-to-comprehend summary table format as mentioned in “Recommendations of Enhancements or Upgrades” above.

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