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As you are probably aware, cyber security is an important part of our everyday life. We are in constant need of obtaining information at work, at home or while on travel. Much of the information we need or use in today's world is stored electronically - in computers, networks and mobile devices. Sometimes that stored information is difficult to find, to understand or to retrieve. That's where Lennon Security Corporation can assist. We can locate lost or hidden information, recover it and explain the process to the client. We can help secure that information.

Lennon Security Corporation offers three cyber security services - IT Investigation/Computer Forensics, IT Penetration Testing, and Training in Forensics and Penetration Testing.

  • IT Investigation/Computer Forensics

    Lennon Security can investigate and recover lost and hidden data such as files, emails, web pages and malware. The ability to recover, analyze, and present this data according to standards of evidence acceptable to the legal system, is what makes the digital forensics process so special. These standards are the product of IT industry and law enforcement best practices, national standards, and court precedents.

    Computer Forensics is a two-step process - (1) obtaining the information and (2) analyzing it. Forensic analysts must not only be good investigators but also good technicians. The power of good computer forensics is understanding millions of bits of data on an average computer. Once the forensic investigation is complete, a written report of our findings and recommendations is prepared and submitted to the client.

    IT investigations/computer forensics capabilities are as follows:
    • Obtain stored data in a forensically sound manner, using software with an unparalleled record in courts worldwide
    • Investigate and analyze several platforms - Windows, Mac OS X
    • Locate hidden or deleted information
    • Recover large volumes of computer evidence, viewing all relevant files including "deleted" files, file slack and unallocated space
    • Recover email, passwords for numerous file formats, and web/internet activities documentation
    • Analyze metadata
    • Transfer evidence files directly to law enforcement or legal representatives, as necessary, with extensive reports detailing all aspects of the investigation
    • Extract mobile phone data (phonebook/contacts, missed calls, received calls, last dialed numbers, SMS messages, multimedia messages, photos, files, phone details, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.)
    • Correlate mobile phone data with computer evidence and data from other phones

  • IT Penetration Testing

    IT penetration testing (also known as pen testing or computer security assessment) should be a part of every firm's IT security program. It measures the resistance of an attack (hacking accessibility) on a computer system, network or Web application. Additionally, the test not only identifies security vulnerabilities but also the root cause of the vulnerabilities, thus when the vulnerabilities are mitigated, it helps to reduce the likelihood of the vulnerabilities re-materializing. IT penetration testing can protect a firm against financial loss through fraud (hackers) or against possible loss of the firm's trade secrets. The testing process accomplishes the following:

    • Gathers information about the target site prior to the test
    • Identifies possible entry point
    • Attempts to break in (either virtually or in reality)

    Good digital forensics (recovery and analysis of data) can help reconstruct the events that led to a breach in security but good security practices could prevent a breach from occurring in the first place. Security is based on three important aspects - hardware, software and human practices.

    Once the penetration test is completed, a written report of our findings and recommendations is prepared and submitted to the client.

  • Training

    Lennon Security offers training in IT investigations/computer forensics and IT penetration testing. The trainers have extensive subject matter expertise resulting from educational achievements and years of consulting experience . Trainers incorporate actual case studies and the most current knowledge and techniques.

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