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With a minimal investment but a maximum return in mind for the client, our mission is to assure absolute client confidentiality, while providing the most knowledgeable, dependable and effective services.

Lennon Security Corporation is a small business, veteran owned, security consulting firm that is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland and was formed in 1998 with the goal of providing security services with standards and methods similar to that utilized by the United States Secret Service. Lennon Security provides numerous security consulting services and contemporary solutions to government, commercial and individual clients who work in the following business sectors: communications, education, financial service, manufacturing, technology and telecommunications. Our staff of professionals has extensive experience in the United States Secret Service, military, law enforcement and intelligence communities, and the majority of our staff was trained by the United States Secret Service and/or the government's Interagency Training Center.

Lennon Security holds a contract under GSA Schedule 84. To view the Schedule, please click on the GSA icon on the Home page.

Being community conscious, Lennon Security has been active on the Greater Washington Board of Trade's Regional Development Committee and Emergency Preparedness Task Force, which set emergency preparedness standards for non-government businesses in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and set industry standards for the nation.

Because Lennon Security does not manufacture technical security products nor are we affiliated with any manufacturer, our recommendations can be relied upon for strict objectivity.


United States Secret Service

During his 21+ years with the United States Secret Service, Patrick J. Lennon was involved in planning, developing and implementing numerous comprehensive physical and technical security programs for advance protection trips involving the President and Vice President of the United States and foreign dignitaries. As a technical advisor at the White House, he was primarily responsible for security at the White House. He also organized, advised and directed national and foreign police, fire and explosive ordnance specialists. One of his intriguing assignments was the 40th Anniversary of the United Nations Annual Conference, where he organized and implemented security efforts that involved supervising 40 U.S. military explosive ordnance detection units, 20 canine units and members of the New York City Bomb and Canine Squads. During this six-week period, he coordinated all security team movements and time schedules to ensure the safety of 80 foreign heads of state.

Mr. Lennon analyzed and evaluated the latest known technology for the White House complex, the Vice Presidential residence and other temporary and permanent Secret Service controlled sites. Additionally, he determined and defined parameters of sensitive and top secret projects designed to improve security systems, techniques and procedures. Mr. Lennon performed as a representative of the Secret Service and the Department of the Treasury on multi-agency advisory committees to establish standardized practices, procedures and systems.

Throughout his career with the Secret Service, Mr. Lennon received additional training in technical surveillance countermeasures (detection of bugs and taps), munitions countermeasures (bombs and incendiary devices), integrated security systems (alarms, video and access control), bio-terrorism, anti-terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction.

Private Sector

Upon retiring from the Secret Service, Mr. Lennon served six years as Director of Technical Security with a well-known security consulting firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and was responsible for providing services such as threat/risk & vulnerability assessments, executive risk analyzes and technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps for Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Lennon formed Lennon Security in 1998, establishing a reputation for strict confidentiality to clients and exhibiting a true sense of customer service he constantly strives to exceed client's expectations. Mr. Lennon is a highly-regarded security expert who is interviewed on MSNBC and Fox News as well as several radio programs. He is Homeland Security Level V (highest level) certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners International.

Mr. Lennon is actively involved with the First District Advisory Group for Montgomery County, Maryland; Security and Safety Committee for Nassau Groves, Lewes, Delaware and is Co-Chairman of the Architect Committee for Nassau Groves, Lewes, Delaware. He was actively involved with the Greater Washington Board of Trade's Regional Development Committee and was involved with the Emergency Preparedness Task Force for the Washington, DC metropolitan area, where the committee's accomplishments benefited the metropolitan area and set industry standards for the nation.

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